Indications Your Home Has Poor IAQ in Morganton, NC

It’s easy to assume that your home has excellent indoor air quality (IAQ), especially if no one smokes there. However, the air you breathe at home may not be as healthy as it seems. Here are some signs that indicate you may have poor IAQ in your house in Morganton, NC.

Coughing and Congestion

Dust, pollen and other airborne particles can irritate your airways, resulting in uncomfortable coughing or congestion that can worsen over time. If this sounds like something you’ve been experiencing, it could be a sign of poor IAQ. Having a professional do a routine maintenance inspection can provide you with answers about how to resolve any problems and get much-needed relief.

Fatigue and Dizziness

When not used in a well-ventilated area, certain products can cause fatigue and dizziness. Items like scented candles and space heaters could be culprits. Always make sure you’re safely using potentially hazardous products according to the instructions.


Signs of allergic reactions can include sniffling, wheezing and swollen eyes. Many people experience these symptoms when they’re outdoors, but if you notice that they continue indoors, or even worsen, it could indicate poor IAQ. Indoor pollutants, such as dust mites and pet dander, can trigger allergies.

Other Health Issues

Poor IAQ can significantly impact your health. Short-term issues include coughing and wheezing, and long-term exposure has been linked to serious health problems including asthma, heart disease, cognitive issues and cancer. Anyone can be at risk, but it’s important to pay special attention to the health of children, the elderly and those with already compromised immune systems.

Don’t let poor IAQ harm your health. Contact Triangle Contractors, LLC today, so our team can do an inspection and make suggestions about how to improve the IAQ at your home in Morganton, NC.

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