Early Fall Is the Best Time for Furnace Maintenance in Morganton, NC

Regular maintenance on your furnace is critical for keeping it running at its best and maximizing its lifespan. However, although maintenance is valuable at any time of year, it’s especially wise for residents of Morganton, NC to start thinking about it during the early fall.

It Will Better Prepare You for the Winter

Although the weather does naturally cool down somewhat in the fall, this is nothing compared to the drop in temperatures that will come during the winter. That is the time when you will need your furnace most urgently and when the unit will come under the greatest stress.

Therefore, if your unit has any less-than-obvious problems that could potentially affect its functioning, then early fall is the optimal time to detect them. While it’s certainly possible to repair serious furnace issues and even completely replace a furnace during the winter, your home would then be without heating during the coldest time of year for the duration of this process. Instead of tempting fate, you should schedule a professional maintenance review before the weather becomes frigid.

Even if maintenance technicians don’t find anything serious enough to wipe out the unit’s functioning, they will still be able to tune it up for you. Doing things like lubricating valves and cleaning soot from air filters and blowers will improve the unit’s functioning just when you’ll be in greatest need of high performance.

Decreases Your Energy Bills

A major consequence of greater furnace efficiency is lower heating bills. This stems from the fact that a more efficient furnace will be able to burn less fuel and produce the same amount of heat. Since your heating bills will be highest in the winter, working to decrease them in the fall is a good idea.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

A furnace should not only keep you warm but should also, through its system of filters, help keep the air in your home breathable. A poorly functioning and inefficient furnace won’t be able to do this and may flood your house with contaminants.

During winter, you may keep your windows closed most of the time. Making sure you have an efficient furnace in early fall will help ensure you have good indoor air quality before the winter weather arrives.

Although you should never neglect furnace maintenance, there’s really no better time to do it than early fall. Call Triangle Contractors, LLC today if you live in the Morganton, NC area and ask for our furnace maintenance services.

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