Common Air Quality Issues in Commercial Spaces

Indoor air quality issues affect all types of commercial spaces in Marion, NC. Identifying the causes of indoor air pollution improves the well-being of employees, tenants, and everyone who steps foot into the building. Could your building have any of the following commercial HVAC issues affecting its air quality?

Increased Indoor Air Pollution Caused by Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

When was the last time you had your building’s HVAC system serviced? If it’s been a while, the chances are high that your system has dirty or clogged air filters. Filters remove particulate matter from the air, such as pollen and dust. Clogged filters do a poor job collecting contaminants and leave your air dirtier than you realize.

To ensure a clean environment in your office building, change the filters quarterly. More frequent filter changes are necessary for other commercial spaces, such as restaurants, factories, machine shops, and businesses that handle a lot of chemicals, oil, or grease.

Airborne Microorganisms from Contaminated Air Duct Systems

Indoor organic growth is a common contributor to air quality issues in commercial spaces. The most likely place for organic growth to occur is inside your building’s air duct system.

Ductwork often contains two things biological agents need to grow: debris and moisture. With the right conditions, organic growth doesn’t take long to spread at an impressive rate. Once you blast the AC or heat, the spores get distributed throughout the building and become airborne. Having your HVAC equipment cleaned regularly helps to keep as much organic material from getting into the ductwork.

Air Purification Systems Improve Air Quality Issues

Even if you stay on top of HVAC maintenance and repairs, housekeeping practices, pesticide applications, and tenant activities can negatively impact your building’s air quality. Installing a commercial-grade air purification system can help you better manage your indoor air quality issues. Call Triangle Contractors, LLC for questions about commercial indoor air solutions and other commercial HVAC issues.

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