Why Spring Heat Pump Maintenance is so Important

Heat pumps differ from central air conditioning systems in that they work all year long to provide heating and cooling for your Morganton, NC, home. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect spring heat pump maintenance. You want to make sure it’s in good working condition to cool your home this summer.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Because heat pumps work 365 days a year they must maintain their efficiency. Even small problems can impede the unit’s efficiency, making it work harder to produce expected results. Although heat pumps, by their nature, are more energy-efficient, they still require maintenance to deliver stellar results. Scheduling professional maintenance ensures that the unit’s won’t cost you more to operate this summer.

Prepare for Summer Heat

Spring maintenance prepares the heat pump to do its job when the heat and humidity return to the region. If you put off professional maintenance this spring, you could have to wait for AC repairs this summer. As summer progresses, the demand for emergency repairs increases. It gets harder to get same-day appointments, leaving you without air conditioning for several days.

Springtime Maintenance Tips for Heat Pumps

Begin by washing the outdoor unit to get rid of built-up grime from winter. Remove sticks, leaves and other debris using a hose or a broom. A clean outdoor unit helps the pump system run more efficiently and prevents it from breaking down.

Replace your heat pump’s air filter. Filters get dirty fast, especially in heat pumps since they run all year long. In the spring, filters clog with pollen and other allergens resulting from seasonal changes. Keep your indoor air healthy with regular filter replacement. You won’t have to worry about allergens and other pollutants circulating through your home this summer when running the air conditioner.

Do you need help preparing your heat pump for spring? Call Triangle Contractors today to schedule heat pump maintenance for your home.

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