What’s That Smell Coming From Your AC in Marion, NC?

Does that bad smell in the house worsen when the air conditioning unit is running? If the air conditioner in your Marion, NC, home is smelly, there could be several issues, depending on the odor type. Here are different AC smells and their causes.

The Smell of Feet

Your air conditioner smells like feet or stinky feet if it’s dirty. The smell usually comes from sitting water that fails to drain properly, and it builds up and begins to smell. You can resolve the issue with a professional AC cleaning.

A Burning Smell

Mechanical issues, a wiring problem, or an overheating motor are the common culprits of an AC that produces a burning smell. Turn the system off immediately if you notice a burning smell and call your AC repair expert to address the problem. The odor can also be similar to gunpowder, indicating a short in the system’s fan motor or circuit board.

The Smell of Exhaust Fumes

Fluids in your AC components or the engine can leak, explaining why the smell of exhaust fumes. Fluid leaks are dangerous because they can cause a system breakdown or pose health risks. Call for professional assistance to handle the situation.

The Smell of Rotten Eggs

Birds and rodents can live in the air ducts; when they die and decompose, they cause a rotten egg smell. That may explain why a horrible smell circulates throughout your house when you turn on the air conditioner. You need duct cleaning to eliminate the dead animal remains and the smell of rotten eggs.

You need an HVAC professional to eliminate the strange AC odors and fix any underlying issue that could cause the smells. The HVAC experts inspect your air conditioner thoroughly to unearth the cause of the odors before recommending a solution. Call Triangle Contractors, LLC to get affordable and professional AC installation ASAP.

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