Are You Experiencing Inconsistent Temperatures in Your Home?

Temperature imbalances make it difficult to keep your home comfortable and can increase your heating and cooling bills. If inconsistent temperatures are a problem in your Marion, NC home, here are some issues that could be to blame.

Leaky Ductwork

If you have a ducted HVAC system, your home’s temperature relies on ductwork to evenly distribute heated or cooled air throughout the house. Leaky ducts can interrupt this process, causing temperature unbalances. Homeowners living in newer homes experiencing this problem should have their ducts checked to make sure they were installed correctly. If you have an older home, you might have damaged ductwork with holes or leaky seals. An inspection by a qualified service technician can help determine if leaky ducts are the problem and assist you with duct sealing.

The Home’s Layout

So, you’ve had your ductwork checked and determined to be in good condition; it’s not the problem. Now what? The next thing to consider is your home’s layout. Are you having problems keeping second-floor rooms cool in the summer? Are rooms at the end of the house with two exterior walls much colder during the winter?

Your home’s temperature issues could be caused by a “layout” problem. The best solution for inconsistent temperatures resulting from home design is to install a zoned system. With this system, you’ll have more temperature control and heat and cool every area of the house more precisely.

If you upgrade to zoned heating and cooling, you don’t need a brand-new system. Heating and cooling experts can help you modify your HVAC system to achieve even temperatures throughout your home. However, you might even consider adding a ductless AC system for additional temperature control!

Why You Want Consistent Heating and Cooling

Temperature fluctuations in your house don’t just leave you feeling uncomfortable. They also cost you more on your monthly energy bills because you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat. Fortunately, when you work with professional HVAC services like our team at Triangle Contractors, LLC you can save money and enjoy consistent temperatures in your home. Call us today to learn more about our HVAC services.

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