4 Sounds That Mean Your AC Needs Repairs in Lenoir, NC

It can be troubling to hear strange and loud AC noises and ignoring them can allow minor issues to escalate to major expenses. An excellent way to know when your air conditioner needs repairs is by paying attention to the sounds it makes. Here are some common AC noises that signify the need for professional repairs in Lenoir, NC.

1. Hissing

Hissing sounds may signify an air leakage in the ductwork or a refrigerant leak. Both can increase your utility bills and reduce the comfort of your home. Also, leakages in the ductwork or refrigerant lines can damage your AC, so you need urgent repairs to address the cause of the hissing noise.

2. Banging

A banging noise coming from the AC compressor may indicate a faulty or loose part in the component. If the noise comes from the outside air conditioner unit, it might mean that the system is wearing out, forcing the compressor to loosen. A change in the indoor blower balancing could also cause a banging sound, which requires urgent professional AC repair.

3. Clicking

The ongoing or constant clicking sound could signify a loose AC fan, fan obstructions, or faulty electrical signals. A faulty thermostat or the capacitor losing its charge could also be the culprit for a clicking air conditioner. The best solution is to call an expert to inspect the AC and fix it.

4. Screeching

A screeching sound from the AC might indicate a lack of lubrication in the motor bearings or belt. Shut your air conditioning unit immediately you hear a loud screeching and call repair professionals to fix the issue. A belt that needs replacement can sometimes make a screeching noise.

You need a professional AC inspection to determine the source of strange and loud noises. It’s advisable not to overlook any unusual AC sound because it signals that the system is calling for help. Call us at Triangle Contractors, LLC for quality and affordable AC installation, maintenance, and repair services.

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