3 Tips for Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your HVAC System in Morganton, NC

If you live in Morganton, NC, you probably run the air conditioner a lot during the spring and summer. To ensure efficient performance, though, make sure that the right air filter is in the return vent and that you replace it regularly. Air filters come in different sizes and materials, with some capturing finer particles than others, so consider the following factors before purchasing one.

1. Know the MERV Rating Scale

The MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating tells you how effectively a given filter can capture dust and other particles. The higher the rating, the finer the particles it can trap. For the sake of reference, the average pleated filter that you see in most homes has a MERV rating anywhere between 6 and 13.

2. A Higher Rating Isn’t Always Better

You may think that the higher the MERV rating is, the better it’ll be for your home and AC, but this is not the case. The higher the rating, the smaller the holes in the filter, which means more resistance to airflow; the AC may wear down faster trying to circulate your air and may need repairs before you know it.

Also, note that these higher-quality filters cost more and may exceed your actual needs. Anything rated over 13 is more suited for a medical facility than a residential home.

3. How Is Your Indoor Air Right Now?

Go for a higher MERV rating, though, if pets or smokers are already compromising your indoor air. You want the filter to be able to catch the pet hairs and the fine particles in tobacco smoke.

Maintaining HVAC Systems Since 1977

Triangle Contractors, LLC can replace your filter and take on all the other tasks that typically fall under maintenance, so call today for an appointment in Morganton. Our locally owned and operated company guarantees your 100% satisfaction as a customer.

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