3 Steps to Keep Cooling Costs Down in Lenoir, NC

Everyone wants to save as much money as possible on their home cooling costs. While there are some factors that you cannot control, there are also some steps that you can take to boost your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. When temperatures start rising this spring and summer in Lenoir, NC, be sure to keep these three efficiency-boosting tips in mind.

1. Be Smart With the Thermostat

When you set the thermostat in your home, the goal should be to keep your home comfortable, not cold. While it’s easy to try to combat rising summertime temperatures by bottoming out the temperature setting on your thermostat, this will greatly decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency. According to Bob Vila, every degree that you lower your thermostat increases energy savings by around 6%, so be smart when setting the thermostat.

2. Reducing AC Strain

Depending on the temperature outside, your home’s air conditioner must work hard just to keep your home comfortable. While you can’t do anything about the temperatures outside, you can reduce the strain on your AC from the inside. Try to hold off on doing heat-generating chores such as laundry and running the dishwasher until the evening when the outside temperatures are lower.

3. Keep the Heat Outside

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying the view provided by a beautiful spring or summer day, you should consider keeping your blinds closed and curtains pulled during peak daylight hours. When the ambient heat from the sun’s rays come through your windows, your thermostat readings will go up, signaling the need for your AC to run more. If you do want to keep some blinds open, try to choose a window that is nowhere near the thermostat.

Nobody should have to choose between being energy efficient and being comfortable in their own home. Another important way to maintain efficiency is to address any AC repair needs as quickly as possible. Contact Triangle Contractors today to find out about all of our services to keep your home comfortable and costs low.

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